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Ron Mosley

Piano (Beginner)
Ron grew up in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. He started his musical dreams in a 3rd grade music class at Cooper Elementary School. While attending the school, he participated in many school talent shows, also performing for friends and family. At the age of 8, he became interested in the art of playing drums and “Glee Club” singing. He began to venture off into different ways of writing music in Borroughs Middle School. When he attended Kettering High School, Ron learned other styles of music like Pop, Rap, and R&B by ear, while playing drums in the marching band. Ron later went off to college at Ferris State University. Ron began to write some gospel music, but stayed rooted in R&B and Pop. He pursued a degree in Computer Information Systems, leaving his passion for music until Ferris State finally opened up a program for Music Industry Management. Ron was in line to receive a new start in music. Producing music became the new goal for Ron while he was in his sophomore year of college; learning by ear on the piano, and writing songs privatively. This lead him to one day hear a college act of three young men who had an appealing sound. The group was local and was growing very popular among the college students. The exposure became evident of raw talent with Ron being the vocal arranger and producer of their music. The group lead singer had success locally and there were talks of “potential back up singers for Usher”. Ron began to voice train privatively in dorm rooms, and produce music for local groups on campus. While learning to become better in piano and voice at Ferris State University, he studied piano and voice along with choir style singing at Ferris State University. After college, an internship opened up at Unscene Entertainment. This was Ron’s first time working in the Music Industry. Ron had a chance to learn from the sound of the second lead vocalist and producer of a group named 7 mile. While interning as an A&R representative, and Marketing Manager for the small label. Ron learned a lot hard lessons, but new passions begin to blossom with his free time at Unscene Studios. Ron learned to sharpen his production skills in voice, piano, and audio sound production while interning. A major record deal for Ron became unreachable after he received his degree in Music. He never knew the plans of success, until he gave his life to God. The calling of the Lord Jesus Christ on his life was evident of the grace and peace he found in worshiping God with music. Ron has found God blessings to teach and share with the world. Ron has now put everything at the feet of God, and is willing to serve him in helping others praise and worship in song. Ron had been blessed to be with the Orlando School of Music, and hopes to be for years to come!

Ron Mosley is currently not instructing any classes.