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Three Convenient Locations:

Orlando - E. Colonial/Baldwin Park

Orlando School of Music
4968 E. Colonial Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32803
(1 Block East of Best Buy & Sam Ash Music)


Lake Underhill

East Orlando School of Music
11333 Lake Underhill, Suite 104
Orlando, FL 32825
(408 and Rouse Road)


Avalon Park

Avalon School of Music
12001 Avalon Lake Drive, Suite E1
Orlando, FL 32828
(Between Brianto's and the YMCA)



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Orlando School of Music: 321-281-8386

                                                                                        Avalon Park School: 407-770-0323 
                                                                                    Lake Underhill School: 407-447-7272 

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Matthew Festa

How did music become a way of life, instead of just a part of it?

As the son of two pastors, music was a lot more than a means of entertainment, but a delivery method for a message. Or, that is to say that if you wanted someone to pay special attention, set it to music and you increase your chances of being heard, seen and remembered.

It wasn’t until I was 12 that I started playing an instrument on my own volition. The sax seemed cool and they had an opening for one more sax student at school. So, for the past 34 years, I’ve been honing my musical skills. It just seemed as much a part of me as anything. I think I always saw music as more than a hobby, but a “how to…”…how to make money or how to make people feel a certain way. Professionally, I’ve always been a musician, constantly crafting my skill and expanding my repertoire.

How did you learn to play sax?

Sax was in the public school system at first. They offered it, so I took…well, took it as far as I could, or they could provide. Then I took private lessons—that’s when I got learned more about the music, as well as the musicians who made it, changed it and transformed music. I started listening to some of the greats and common songs. My mind, emotions and interests went in many new directions. I love music because it has such a variety of expressions.


Matthew Festa is currently not instructing any classes.