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Three Convenient Locations:

Orlando - E. Colonial/Baldwin Park

Orlando School of Music
4968 E. Colonial Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32803
(1 Block East of Best Buy & Sam Ash Music)


Lake Underhill

East Orlando School of Music
11333 Lake Underhill, Suite 104
Orlando, FL 32825
(408 and Rouse Road)


Avalon Park

Avalon School of Music
12001 Avalon Lake Drive, Suite E1
Orlando, FL 32828
(Between Brianto's and the YMCA)



Family run by Father & Son Team- John & Philip Kolbrich 

Happily Serving Our Community Since 2003!
Join Florida's Largest Private Music School, Teaching over 35,000 private lessons a year!

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        New Student Hotline:                407-567-7776                     

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          Current Students Call:
Orlando School of Music: 321-281-8386

                                                                                        Avalon Park School: 407-770-0323 
                                                                                    Lake Underhill School: 407-447-7272 

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Testimonials & Reviews of Orlando School of Music


We take continuous surveys, reviews and ask for feedback from our parents and students to make sure we are on track and have provided the best musical learning environment at our schools. Here are some of our most recent reviews: 

Matthew Fraze- My son has only been taking guitar lessons for 6 months but he loves it. He enjoys taking lessons from his teacher! - 1/9/2015

Celia Fraze- My daughter loves taking piano lessons and is so happy that her teacher is still available to give her lessons.- 1/9/2015

Aisha Rivera- Excellent school & customer service. My daughter love it.- 1/2/2015

Philip Herman- Best thing I've done for myself in the last few years was begin lessons at the Orlando School of Music!- 1/7/2015

Anonymous- I was an adult student at the school for three years. I always found the staff to be available and responsive. I had great experience with my teacher Brittany. - 1/7/2015

Allyson Belloch... Accommodating, professional, and friendly. Would definitely recommend if you're considering taking music lessons of any kind.- 12/28/2014

Anonymous - Awesome place. They have my child's best interest at heart, they really want to see her succeed musically ! - 12/5/2014

Timothy Simpson- The Orlando School of Music has a wonderful vibe and is a positive place to work in. This is such an important factor in teaching music. Well Done! - 11/21/2014

Anonymous- Management of this school is excellent. They're caring and the school feels like a part of our family.- 11/2/2014

Allison Gainey- I think the staff at Avalon Music school is very friendly and customer service is above and beyond- 11/2/2014

Amanda Matherne- My daughter takes piano and Bass lessons and she looks forward to Friday night lessons! Everyone at the school is a fantastic instructor that really cares for their students. - 11/2/2014

Samantha Miller - Instructor was very nice and informative. I really enjoyed my 1st lesson and cant wait for the next one. - 11/2/2014

Hannah Davis- My daughter has been at the school for two years. The guitar instructor had been exceptional. The recitals are professional each semester. My daughter has added voice lessons. Her instructor is full of energy and very encouraging. We have been very pleased with the school. - 10/28/2014

Anna-Teresa Auburn - Our teacher does a great job of keeping my daughter interested by letting her choose songs she would like to learn and making sure she has solid foundation so she will be able to reach those goals.- 10/22/2014

Juan Giraldo- I felt comfortable and encouraged to proceed with my classes.- 10/23/2014

Alicia Novoa- Excellent School- 10/16/2014

Anonymous- John Murray is an excellent voice and piano teacher. I highly recommend the Orlando School of Music. The staff is very supportive of the kids who take lessons there. Paul knows everyone's name and is always willing to accommodate almost everything. - 10/14/2014

Dario Novoa- Orlando School of Music is an excellent school for people to learn music. Teachers are professionals and dedicated to the students. I will strongly recommended these schools anytime.- 10/12/2014

Carol Quagliata- All the personal is GREAT! Always a smile on their faces when you walk in! - 10/2/2014

Matthew Foti- Florentina is amazing! - 10/2/2014

Donna Matherne- My daughter takes piano lessons at the school and she really enjoys her lessons! We drive from Winter Garden every Friday night for her lesson. She loves her piano teacher and Paul is so nice!- 10/2/2014

Jesse Siverson- This is the first time I have ever taken professional lessons and I love it. My teacher Britney is very professional and easy to understand. She makes me want to practice.- 9/26/2014

Kanesia Rhone- I love this music school and my daughter that goes there loves it as well. Everybody that works there are very friendly and make u feel like part of a family. I would recommend this school to anybody. 9/24/2014

Hector Colon- Outstanding - 9/21/2014

Anonymous- Excellent service and instructors.- 9/20/2014

Cameron Gittoes- Great people. Kind instructors, talented musicians willing to share knowledge with young people.- 9/18/2014

Sebastian Chan- Sebastian and Bellah had a great lessons as usual! Keep up the good work !! - 9/4/2014

Anonymous- My daughter loves her piano lessons. Ms. Florentina Alexandru is wonderful and my daughter loves her as a teacher.- 8/21/2014

Nancy Vargas- Review The instructors at the Orlando School of Music have been wonderful mentors and are inspiring my children to learn more about music. They are encouraging and always positive. Thank you! I never thought I would see my children arguing for for a turn on our piano- 8/5/2014

Shawn Singer- Our son is learning so much. His piano teacher, Dara is fantastic!!!- 8/1/2014

Ema Purmensky- Review Just two months ago my daughter started with violin lessons. I thought it wouldn't last long, but instead we are increasing the time of her lessons because she begged me to be there for longer. It's so nice to have her look forward to her lesson and beg to do more instead of asking if she has to go. I appreciate her instructor so much for instilling this excitement for playing an instrument and learning her notes! Thank you Avalon.- 7/24/2014

Hector Colon- I have visited other schools and choose this one in particular for its location; prices; ease of scheduling; experience and a very pleasant staff. Other schools are still needing teachers. Prices are higher. I highly recommend this school where you can learn at peace. No distractions.- 7/22/2014

Dan Linder- Excellent experience, instructors are phenomenal. We have been with them for many years and never have regretted. 7/11/2014

Sebastian Chan- My kids love their teacher! Easy reschedule , friendly staffs!! 7/3/2014 

Nicole Rivera- Staff is very friendly and professional. My children take lessons at the Orlando location and I'm very pleased with the way my children are treated and respected as musicians. 7/2/2014

Anonymous- This is a first rate music school with excellent staff and instructors. Students are pushed to excel through kindness and encouragement. My daughter has come a long way in her singing and it's all due to her instructor. 7/2/2014

Dante Petgrave- friendly manager,my teacher is great, patient, 6/29/2014

Amaya Olowu- I love it. We walked in, got a tour, set up a month worth of lessons, and rented my daughter's instrument for school, all in less than 30 minutes! We met with the director who was so nice and welcoming and had so many positive things to say about his staff. 6/10/2014

Kathy Spencer- What an amazing experience! My kids are enjoying the lessons. The teaching staff has a pasion for what they do! It shows!!! 6/4/2014

Taylor Ward- I took piano lessons through high school (many, many years ago), but haven't been playing for years, so I needed to get help to back to the level I was playing out. In 2 months with Hannah's help, I am playing my 'old' music better than ever and learning new challenging pieces. I absolutely recommend Orlando School of Music. 6/2/2014

Jacob Vera- The Director is So Nice I would like to Thank him for All his Help. Great Job!!! 6/1/2014

Anonymous-  Mr. Ron is an excellent teacher. We readily recommend him!! 5/2/2014 


Ellyse Osorio-  Your service and instructors are exceptional. Thank you.  4/15/2014 


Yolanda Spence- My son has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Florentina for a few months now and we are so exited! She has shown such an outstanding level of professionalism, that has taken our 12 yr. old interest, and skill into a whole new level. Due to... 3/24/2014 


Anonymous-  My son loves attending lessons with the school! Every time he has an audience he loves to play his latest and favorite pieces for them.  3/19/2014 


Mami Safia-   Teachers are great and work hard kids. They expose them to music communauty. Anthony is always there to answer my questions with a smile or schedule make up lessons at my kids convenience. 3/7/2014 


Anonymous-  Great School Excellent instructors very professional   3/3/2014 


Anonymous- We appreciate the instruction that Mrs. Brittany Bozeman provides and the courtesy of the staff. It is a pleasure to visit the school weekly.  2/27/2014 


Jessika Gonzale-  I love my flute instructor Tom Dietz and everyone is very nice and friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone! J. Gonzalez   2/24/2014 

Gretchen Clayton - For our first visit to the school we were greeted and Paul knew who we were when we walked in the door. He showed us around the school and explained everything in great detail. We are excited for our son to have his first trumpet lesson.  Feb 13, 2014


Todd Paldin - I started piano lessons with Joe 9 months ago with a clear goal of learning, understanding and playing the piano. So far, I am well on my way. Being a 43 year old with kids presents it's challenges. With Joe's help and consideration, I couldn't be happier with the experience. I will be a student at Orlando School of Music until I realize my dream of being a piano player.  Jan 17, 2014


Jennifer Stehphenson - We are very happy with my son's teacher and the excellent customer service at the reception desk!  Jan 3, 2014


Jenn Blackwood - Each lesson is always so valuable! Couldn't be happier with Orlando School of Music. Jan 2, 2014


anonymous - Friendly and efficient. Children love their teachers. Recommend.  Dec 17, 2013


Ellyse Osorio - Ellyse is doing really well and we are so proud of her. She couldn't have done so well without Ms. Florentina. She is a patient and wonderful teacher.

Thank you,
 Kristin  Dec 13, 2013


Clara Silverson - Had my first lesson and it was great. Looking forward to the next one.  11/18/2013


Ian Dominguez - My son has learned so much and is now on adult track with his piano lessons. 11/11/2013 


Nicole Rivera - Florentina is a great piano instructor and mentor. I admire her for the way she challenges her students to be the best and doesn't settle for anything less. Her dedication and love for the piano shows through her students.My daughter has ... 11/10/2013 


Anonymous  - The Orlando School of Music has been a great experience for my daughter. She wanted to learn how to play piano, but I was afraid that she wouldn't like all the work. She has an amazing teacher and has been able to work with her for just o...  11/1/2013 


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