Brett started playing guitar at the age of 10 after being inspired by 80’s metal music. He joined the high school jazz band and explored not only jazz, but blues and fusion as well. After high school he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There he studied classical and contemporary theory and continued to practice and played an average of 10 hours every day! Lieberman took lessons from Joe Stump to master neo classical and metal guitar styles. He also grew interested in recording and obtained his degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail College. After graduation, he entered an engineering position with the well acclaimed Audiovision Studios in South Florida. There he received several platinum album credits for engineering. Brett’s vast background and love of music has made him an excellent instructor! He has been teaching guitar and bass since the age of 15. His proficiencies in advanced techniques i.e. sweep picking and economy picking are notably attractive and he also specializes in 8 finger tapping and chord melody solos. He is a walking encyclopedia of chords! In addition to teaching, he enjoys playing live, writing, producing and recording music. His independent record label is called Beeleepro. Lieberman’s first album is titled “I Before E” and he is currently working on his first instruction book. His advice to all his students is to make time for practicing! Brett still devotes 4 hours a day solely to practicing.