Music has been my passion for many years. To be a musician is a privilege for the society of arts, it’s even more of a privilege to share my gift of music with students of all ages to progress musically and be intrigued in all the intellectual and physical benefits that music can provide. Throughout all of High School, I was involved in various musical ensembles such as Jazz bands, Pit orchestras, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensembles, Trios, Duets, Choirs, Soloing, Improvisation, Big Band and more. I’ve had the privilege to audition for all county Jazz band and make it as a member of the rhythm section playing string bass and bass guitar. Due to my great involvements in the musical world, I was awarded the Woody Herman Jazz Award 2017, and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 2018. Up to present time, I am still involved in individual ensembles and continue to learn every day.  It will be more than a pleasure to share my appreciation for music and the musical arts