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what to expect

We are offering weekly DJ classes at our locations. Join experienced DJ and Instructor, DJ Nela, to learn everything from the basics to advanced DJ Techniques!

Classes are available as a 1 hour per week DJ program or you can choose specific Classes that you have interest in… Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced DJ, you will find valuable and practical hands on information in this program!

  • Home DJ set-ups and choice of equipment
  • Professional Equipment and set-up
  • Music genre (Types of Music)
  • Beat mixing/Pitching/Tempo
  • Platter/Jog wheel and mixer operation
  • Cueing Techniques
  • EQing
  • Delay effects techniques

Our DJ Instructors

DJ Cub

  • Pop, Hip Hop, EDM Mash

Christopher Mendez aka DJ Cub Bio

Chris Mendez, affectionately known to many as “Cub,” is a longtime resident of Orlando. His cultural roots branch from his birthplace of Chicago and his childhood home of Trinidad. A fan of music his entire life, he began his musical journey playing bass guitar in punk and ska bands, later venturing into the all-night world of club music and turntable culture, which was a predominant Orlando scene in the mid-1990s.

Inspired by many, including Josh Wink, Masters at Work, Blackalicious, and Portishead, Cub sought to find his voice and began a radio show on WPRK 91.5-FM in 2001. He spent over a decade on air, and over two decades in the DJ booth, trading tactics on the one’s and two’s with many a prime-timer. Some of these collaborations include the likes of Chicago house favorites Mark Grant and Andre Harris, Hip Hop Legend Kool Keith, and many local heroes.

As a fan of the obscure, eclectic, and popular classics, Cub is sure to string together an audible landscape that connects and excites. Whether it be classic Funk & Soul, Disco & Boogie, Hip-Hop, Jazzy Down-Tempo, Amapiano, or Soulful House, he’s always up to get down.

Cub has founded several collectives and imprints, including Brownsville, a DJ and promotions collective; and BattleReady, an art collective committed to the proliferation of culture and beauty in the local, national, and international scene. His current project is The Grand Collab, a dynamic and constantly evolving creative cooperative, event production, and artist development group. Its mandate is to promote local culture and create community, safe spaces, and welcoming shared experiences.

Simply stated, Cub loves music and understands its power to connect and access joy. Throughout his professional career, he has devoted himself to being an example for young artists, growing community, and being a good steward of local culture.

Tuition & Fees


Weekly Session

  • 1 Hour Sessions
  • Flexible Schedule
$69.50 / session
  • $35 One-Time Registration Fee Per Student 
  • $69.50 Individual 1 Hour Lessons
  • Flexibility to choose all or only specific topics that you need help with

DJ Course Concepts

  • Getting familiar/terminology
    • BPM
    • Cue/Hot Cue
    • Jog Wheels/Vinyl
    • Tempo Range
  • Simple Transition using cross fader
  • Beat matching 

    • Locating BPM 
    • Adjusting tempo range 
    • Phrasing 
    • Timing 
  • Adding Fx

  • Different FX 

    • Echo 
    • Reverb 
    • Extras


  • Loops
    • Manual/Auto Loops
    • 16 bar, 8 bar, 4 bar, 2 bar
  • Blending/EQing
    • Different EQ
      • HPF/LPF
      • Hi/Mid/Lows
  • Recording Mixes
    • Uploading
    •  Cover Art
  • Mashups
    • Creating Edits 

    • acapella & instrumental

  • Troubleshooting
  • Setting up for Mobile DJs
  • Speakers 

    Different Cables
  • Recital
    • Performing Live
  • Content
  • Livestreaming
    • • TikTok
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • youtube

Optional: More in depth Concepts in Music Production

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